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Home healthcare, Private duty home care, elder care

Testimonial 1

Beverly Keane

Dear Christine, I wanted to tell you how wonderful you and your staff were to my aunt and myself. When my aunt got sick and had been in and out of the hospital and finally ended up in a rehab-nursing home I found that this was not the best place for my aunt. She needed to be home, you and your staff made this possible. I knew I could call at any time of day. Your staff was so attentive to any concerns and because of this agency and what it believes in I was able to feel confident in the care that I was able to provide. The fear of her illness was taken away. I also want to thank Kathryn for the love that she showed to my aunt everyday. I know my aunt could not talk but I am sure she felt that love and calmness around her. I also wanted to say how wonderful Cheyenne was. She will make a wonderful nurse. In closing please keep on doing what your doing in the community and God bless. Thank you, Mary Matias

Apr 4, 2018

" I am writing to thank you and your staff for helping our parents through this difficult transition. . It was wonderful working with a business owner that stands behind their services. With your guidance and direction we were able to comfortably keep our parents in their home.

  Your caring and kind staff did a wonderful job . From assisting my Father with his daily routines to helping my Mother keep her house in order. It was a relief knowing that we had help that could be relied upon."

   Thank you, again,

   Ann Marie

   West Springfield, Ma

   October 2017


" I am writing this note to recommend Commonwealth Registry of Nurses for your loved one.

     During the five years that Christine and her staff cared for my sister- five years !  That alone speaks volumes - I found them to be caring , efficient,respectful, and observant noting any changes and resolving them immediately.

     Should the need arise, Commonwealth Registry of Nurses would be the number one agency  I would call! "

      Arline Lula


      September 2017

  " When the time comes , would you like to be very well cared for in your our home ? If so , please consider the group of professionals at Commonwealth Registry of Nurses, Inc. We were very fortunate  to have had some wonderful, caring , thoughtful and dedicated people along with

the director, Christine, to care for my  husband, Bob, on two separate occasions. Bob really looked forward to seeing the kind people from this nursing staff as they were all friendly, well trained, polite, and sensitive to his situation, and each and everyone  obviously knew how to make him feel better and  more comfortable with each visit. Christine and her remarkable staff would be welcome in  any home , and we personally would welcome each and everyone of them again, as needed. "


         Bernice Conner

           Easthampton, Ma.




Dear Christine,

     I can not express how much having such a wonderful , caring  team of staff you have and how they made my Mother's  passing  so peaceful.  It was a  blessing to have found you and your staff. Mom adored Brittany, Laura, and Cheyenne. Please pass on our Thanks.


       Paula Long

        Becket, Ma




  " We have been associated with CRN homecare for the last several years. I have found them to be very dependable, accommodating,caring  and affordable. The CNAs have been exceptional with respect to providing special care for my parents.Christine Moriarty has especially been an extrordinary patient advocate for my Mother to work closely  with her health providers for the best level of care. They have afforded me great peace of mind knowing that my parents are safe at home and being cared for where they are most comfortable."


      Christopher Aquadro,President, Aquadro Insurance

        Northampton, Ma



  "Thank you for your  kind and helpful Nurses."

        Phillip Bragdon

        Shelburne Falls, Ma



  "I employed the services of Commonwealth Registry of Nurses to provide 24/7 Home nursing  and healthcare services for my seriously ill wife for most of 2015. Almost without exception,the CNAs provided were capable, caring, and compassionate and the On-site team leadership provided by LPN Jackie D was outstanding. I'm pleased to recommend Jackie and her team to anyone in need of such services here in Berkshire County.


     Robert W. Race

     Pittsfield, Ma


 " No words can adequately express how grateful we are for the  most wonderful care and support given to our beloved Dad, Bill, during his  final months of life. Meticulous care,support  and affection  were given to him by such an outstanding,sensitive, and dedicated staff.

  All of the nurses and nurses aides were so amazingly helpful,pleasant , competent and professional. Dad was so pleased to spend time at home  with his family; and we were so pleased that he was able to do so with the medical attention and care given by your staff. The sensitive, compassionate support  and thoughtfulness  provided throughout this difficult time was so gratifying and deeply appreciated.

    Again, our sincere thanks to you and your staff for doing all that you do in helping with the care of a loved one is so exceptionally outstanding and professional. "

                                 With warmest regards,

                                        Steven and Louise  Ansanitis                  




"There aren't enough words to express our eternal gratitude to you and the staff of Commonwealth Registry of Nurses. All of you helped our Father feel comfortable  and cared for in his final days.  With grace , compassion, and love , you guided us through difficult circumstances, working with Dad and his wife who was suffering from some level of dementia. Although you were there for Dad, you cared for both of them with dignity and respect. Dad initially denied having problems so big  he needed the care. We knew he did, however, convincing an 86 yr old former Navy Sea Bee of the need for 24 hr care was an improbable task. You allowed Dad to be  as independent as possible, encouraging him to get out and drive  the golf cart and administer his own insulin. Your  staff was entertained by Dad's jokes and Polish language, and he came to accept them into his home and his life , understanding they were there to help, not take over. His wife was more challenging,however in the end, you won her over as well. She enjoyed the staff, especially the ones who found a way to work with her. Commonwealth Registry of Nurses allowed her to be in charge of her husbands care while maintaining the level of care for both Dad and his wife.  Wishing you and your staff all the blessings life has to offer and the strength to live your life with joy and love in your heart. "   Sincerely,

                                                                                    the Bukowski Family

                                                                                           Greenfield, Ma. 

                                                                                            February  2015



 " I am pleased to say that the service I recieved at my home from one of your Nurses was very satisfactory and I would not hesitate to use Commonwealth Registry of Nurses again." 

                                                        Theresa Dufour   May 2015




I want to express to you and your organization my profound gratitude for the professional, compassionate and loving care you extended to our warm and mutual friend , George. I am convinced George's life was extended over these past several months by the quality of your care.  It also gave him the piece of mind that he could remain in his own home no matter how dire the circumstances might have become.  As to the efficiency and quality of your operation, you are proficient at running a very skilled and professional health care agency.   Again, our warm and sincere appreciation  for the care you extended to George, it will long be remembered. With regards," Don & Peg 


     " Commonwealth Registry of Nurses has been a miracle- I had a very good feeling the first time I spoke to Chris in April 2010- call it a gut reaction - I knew this was the way to go and I was not wrong! I can not say enough about the wonderful care that these fine people have given my Father. Dad lives in the Hilltowns, so it is no picnic... These angels have managed for the past year and a half to get him through whatever weather issues, shop, appointments, medications, making sure he has eaten , is comfortable , is happy.They have taken him for daily radiation treatments all summer and fall, Dr's appointments, encouraged him and kept him mobile and walking- something he would do for 'his girls' , but not for me.  Chris and her team are very professional, but more importantly so very human, which I think is a rare balance in todays health care arena. Commonwealth continues to meet and exceed my expectations. I feel so lucky to have found them. "  Ruthann  2012



Home Healthcare, Private duty home care, elder care


" Your advertising is correct. You do have the nicest nurses. Thanks for being so accommodating and for providing competent and compassionate care."   Mary B

" All of Ruth's family thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the loving care that was given to her in her home."  Wendy 

   " Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during the difficult time .. in Amherst. .. And did an amazing job  with staff coverage . I couldn't believe that you were able to put that many people together in such a short amount of time. I appreciate the fact that you bent over backwards."  Cindy

   " They have been wonderful in taking care of my mother 24/7 the past 2 weeks. They are professional and are getting everything done in this difficult time." 

     Beth T.  2011

   " CRN was extremely responsive right from the beginning. The service has been outstanding."  Anne

Home Healthcare, Private duty home care, elder care

​    " Thank you so much for all your help. We deeply appreciate the caring and supportive help that your nurses provided.  They made it possible for Mom to stay at home during her last weeks, which meant more to her than we can express."  Kate, Lynn, Cindy & Walt




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